nothing revamps our look ,like the right pair of an accessory. it is very important to build an impressive wardrobe so whether you like shopping for accessory or not ,it is always a good move to include accessory in your wardrobe. pairing up right piece of accessory with your outfit can take your look from simple to extraordinary. here are some must haves accessory essentials that should be there in your wardrobe.


these are bigger size tassel earrings so much in trend  for that statement look!!!statement dangling earrings are a must have in your accessory collection. You can add a unique twist to your look by wearing a chunky yet elegant piece of danglers or drops. you can never go wrong with sparkling and shiny danglers over a plain , simple, classy outfit. whether it is an Indian or western or indo-westerner outfit.


bold choker neck piece are so much in trend these days , not only choker but chunky neck pieces are also trending these up your neck pieces with silk and velvet ribbons, also play with different materials such as leather accented with raw materials, and layers of draped metal chains. you can also wear a traditional neck piece with your western outfit to make it look more indo western, to make it look more edgy.


on occasions when you don’t want a heavy and bold look, just go for simple studded earringsthese simple studded pieces will make you look simple and at the same time classy and elegant. if you want your look to be more formal and classy  go for pearl studded pieces for a basic look, you can also go for shinny and sparkling ones if you want.Go for a round, square or even rectangular pair to wear with any of your formal wear.


this is another must have accessory essential to add up that bling to your outfit.for a brunchy evening or dinner night add a bit of bling to your fingers too, you can go for a ring you like wether a chunky piece or a single stone studded ring it can be a single large stone or a chunky metallic one that will make your pretty fingers look even better there are number of options available for you.


indulge in the sparkling magic of your arms to turn any casual or simple outfit around by just mixing up your watch with these metallic bracelets chains, stack up a mix of styles .They key is to have fun with your pieces and curate a look that shows off your personal style!


OLD IS GOLD much in trend these days ,people are going mad over antiques these days, be it earrings ,statement neck pieces, rings, from anything to everything antiques can be clubbed with all the outfits be it modern, traditional, indo western. Adding a few well chosen vintage pieces to your outfit can create a unique and memorable look that will remain timeless forever in the photographs of your day.



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