The hottest accessory embellishment of the season: tassels!

Tassels are adding the glam this season!!!




Be it a pastel trend, neon trend, a floral season or fringed, but tassels are a new obsession these days…

The tassels are loose, fun hanging accessories and are super easy to attach. One can DIY them and give summer vibes to almost everything you own. The tassel has always been an emblem of power and prestige. Between Roman emperors and contemporary and modern fashion designers, tassels have a long history of decorative power. Their quality and chic rocking lends an air of glamour to any outfit and accessories.

Earrings, bag, footwear, shrugs, tops, belts, and what not every item is seen in tassel these days.

Acting as an adjunct on nearly everything- Shrugs, Handbags, Jewelry, Home interior decoration product and what not- adornment area unit undoubtedly here to remain. High on demand and fashion, tassels were quite the stoppers at plenty of Fashion Weeks this season…
Blowing freely, the long, loose tassels area unit the go-to trend to decorate on something from tiptop, dresses, jewelry, bags, shoes, interior decoration and more.

Here are the top tassel items for which people are going crazy about

  • “Tassels are the talk of town and tassel earrings top the list. A pair of statement earrings can completely transform your look. Earrings are having a major moment in fashion right now. The Bridget Tassel Earrings are both simple and bold, making a statement without being overwhelming.  They pair equally well with your date night dress or a t-shirt and jeans too.
  • Bags are another attraction for all the tassel and fringed lovers, tassel bags come in a variety of styles, from cross body, to clutch, to satchel.  They are the perfect finishing touch to many outfits and can add a polished look to more dressy styles, or a relaxed boho vibe to more casual looks. almost every kind of bag be it a regular handbag, bucket bag, sling bag, clutches, all of these bags are stealing the show this season.
  • Get your style game on point with tassel footwear, this season footwear are all about tassel.

Heels, wedges, loafers, flats, slip on’s, laceups, sneakers, you name it, brands are throwing tassel on it.

  • Accessories are another attraction for tassels, tassel belts, tassel key chains, tassel bracelets, and even home decorative stuff is preferred in tassel these days.
  • Tassel clothes and outfits are also trending tassels are so easy to be clubbed to almost every attire, add them up with your hem of shorts, to the bottom of tops and tees, and even your shrugs, and capes.


Kiss away the times of only seeing these gildings hanging from your grandma’s drapes or graduation caps. Tassels are stoning up on nearly each vogue. They’ll be a mini add-on, however they pack a mighty punch. Personally, I really like the manner these swinging style components bring movement to a glance whereas also adding a pop of color. From adornment earrings to pretty little pumps, think about elevating your wardrobe this season with adorned accessories.


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